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"I have tried many diets and other programs with frustration. As I
struggled to maintain a new diet or routine, my efforts did not produce
the results expected. With the information I learned at The FAT FACTOR, I discovered the reasons why I have been unable to lose weight long term. I learned the truth about how to achieve permanent weight loss. I would definitely recommend The FAT FACTOR."

Ronald Ramahlo

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The concept of weight loss is not a difficult one to understand. Just burn more calories than you consume! Right? This concept certainly seems to make sense and supports logical thinking. But, although this weight loss concept is a very simple and fundamental truth, why do so many people struggle endlessly trying to lose weight? Obviously, something must be missing with all the current weight loss information and methods available.

The clear truth is, being able to lose weight effectively and keep it off is much more complex than just reducing calories and increasing physical activity or just having enough willpower and determination to follow a diet or weight loss plan. The fact is, there are powerful forces and factors undermining your weight loss efforts that you are not aware of, and they continually prevent you from achieving the permanent weight loss you desire.

For example, your ingrained habits and beliefs are very powerful forces, and because they are so automatic, you may not be aware they exist or how they influence your weight gain. In addition, most weight loss information and weight loss plans do not approach weight loss adequately. For example, merely telling someone what to do to lose weight, what diet plan to follow or what foods to eat or not to eat, does not guide them through the weight loss process, or give them the necessary knowledge, expectations, mental preparation or encouragement to be disciplined enough to follow through with a weight loss plan, especially long enough to be successful at losing weight permanently!

Although it is widely accepted that consuming fewer calories while increasing physical activity are the keys to controlling body weight, there are many conditions where this premise does not hold true!

Your body's energy regulating system is intricate, and usually very effective at controlling your weight. However, the majority of foods readily available to us, for instance, consist of ingredients and chemicals that interrupt the function of your body's metabolism and energy regulating system, thereby often leading to excessive weight gain and obesity, even when calories are reduced and activity is increased! This is certainly one powerful factor undermining your weight loss efforts that you may not be aware of, yet it will continually prevent you from achieving the permanent weight loss you desire.

At The Fat Factor, We approach weight loss differently than other weight loss programs. We believe that to be successful at permanent weight loss, you must have a comprehensive approach, which goes beyond just advising you what foods to eat or not to eat. To lose weight permanently, you must address ALL of the factors that contribute toward your weight gain, both physical and psychological, and include the most effective ways of overcoming them for permanent and lasting results.

Visit The FAT FACTOR for the most effective permanent weight loss methods available, and achieve the lasting weight loss results you desire. The Fat Factor approach will inevitably lead you to permanent weight loss.

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Other methods simply do not address the most effective ways to lose weight permanently

The Fat Factor – The Most Effective Permanent Weight Loss Method!

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