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Learn the true 'Secrets' why so many are overweight, and why they struggle trying to lose it!

The concept of weight loss is not a difficult one to comprehend, "just burn more energy than you consume!" This has held true for generations until the arrival of our current, and modern, food industry. Although this weight loss concept is a very simple and fundamental truth, why do so many people struggle endlessly to lose weight?

It is common knowledge that over 60% of all Americans are overweight, and at least 25% are severely overweight or obese. This is a conservative number, as some researchers claim that the number of overweight individuals in America may be as high as 74%, with the percent of obese individuals at the increased rate of 30 to 34, depending on the benchmark for obesity. These are staggering numbers of overweight and obese individuals, and it has become an epidemic.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the percentage of young people in America who are overweight has tripled since 1980.

There are countless remedies against weight gain along with multiple methods promoting weight loss. In reality, we are bombarded so frequently with "Weight Loss Information", that it has become nearly impossible to decipher which information is valid in relation to which is not.

Research suggests that America has the highest obesity rate in the world, yet Americans seem to be the most preoccupied with weight loss and dieting than any other country.. How does a society immensely focused on weight loss and dieting, result in having the highest obesity rate in the world?

There are valid answers and they are not all that surprising.

One evident response is that weight loss information is clearly not effective, and that dieting rarely works. Verily, it is widely excepted that overweight individuals are endlessly pursuing diet after diet, while hoping to finally stumble upon the correct diet plan that will produce lasting results. Most who are overweight have difficulty accepting that traditional diets and dieting will rarely produce permanent weight loss, despite being regularly unsuccessful.

Statistics prove the ineffectiveness of dieting, time and time again.

So why are diets, and dieting, not effective at providing permanent weight loss results?

Most diets focus on the wrong combination of foods that do not lead to permanently lasting weight loss.

diets ordinarily lack the variety of necessary nutrients the human body requires to indelibly lose extra weight. Lacking essential nutrients leads to food cravings, and thus, weight gain.

Diets frequently include the excessive restriction of calories, which often leaves the body hungry and craving food more than usual. This evidently leads to overeating, and reverting back to eating foods that originally caused weight gain.

During the process of dieting, you abruptly change the types of foods and drinks that you regularly consume, which often leads to strong cravings for the very foods and beverages that you have been avoiding, and as a result, it becomes nearly impossible to sustain the diet.

The diet that works for one person, may not necessarily work for another. We are all genetically and physiologically different, so different types of diets, dieting methods, and specific food types can effect everyone differently. 

The foremost reason persons buy into dieting, is due to the manner in which marketers present an abundance of dieting and weight loss success stories. The majority of diets and weight loss information available can be misleading, and unjustifiably false.

The following are a few instances in which such marketing methods have been used:

* "LOSE 30 LBS IN 30 DAYS"

"Melt fat by avoiding the surprising cause of 75% of all weight"

"gain: the 'super-carb' more fattening than sugar!"


"News! A fruit fiber melts stubborn fat"

"And sweeps cholesterol out of the body"


"Try the amazing seeds that 'cancel out' Pasta and waffles!"


"Discover the proven cheat-and-lose tricks that cranks up your metabolism by binging on forbidden treats!"

"On this plan, donuts are diet food"

Really? "On this plan donuts are diet food"? We can say for certain that if you eat donuts regularly as part of your diet plan, your hopes for weight loss will only be shattered by your rapid weight gain and disappointment.

With countless headlines such as these, it is nearly impossible for anyone to get a true sense of the proper and effective ways to lose weight for good.

The unfortunate truth is that, when reading headlines such as the ones listed above, it is natural to assume that others are "easily" losing weight by following the misleading advice contained in the magazine article. Yet, you have not been as fortunate in shedding the weight you expected.

The phycological effect of failing to lose the weight you anticipated is certainly not a positive result when others apparently, and falsely, have succeeded. When you continually try and fail to lose weight permanently, it is natural for you to feel like there is something wrong with you, or with your approach, or with your will power, etc., all of which could not be farther from the truth. The most damaging consequence beyond feeling defeated each time you fail at your attempt to lose weight, is the feeling that something is wrong with you. This is especially true when It appears that others have shown improvements in their weight, and have shed their pounds rapidly and effortlessly. True lasting weight loss does not occur in this manner.

So, please remind yourself that these headlines are complete nonsense, which is why you are interested in The Fat Factor's permanent weight loss program!

"You must accept the fact that there are no miracle diets, drinks, herbs, workouts, or workout machines, etc., and no rapid and effortless ways to lose significant amounts of weight permanently"...

While some weight loss information available might be helpful, most of the information is not effective, because the information is either ridden with false recommendations, as illustrated in the headline examples above, or the information does not address the real problems or true causes of weight gain that you struggle with.

"You must accept that the abundance of information available is not realistic when making claims for rapid weight loss, and you must avoid being tempted by these 'too-good-to-be-true' claims. these claims are psychologically damaging and will only cause you to fail at achieving permanent weight loss"

More importantly, while most weight loss information only presents you with a fragment of the total information necessary for permanent weight loss, the information simply does not address the most effective methods that result in permanent weight loss.

Merely telling someone what to do to lose weight, what diet plan to follow, or what foods to eat or not to eat, does not motivate them to follow a diet plan or implement the advice given, for example.

This is why The Fat Factor approaches weight loss differently than other weight loss programs, because we believe that there are other powerful forces at work undermining your weight loss efforts, and it is important that you are aware of them.

The Fat Factor is a distinctive weight loss program, as we handle weight loss from an inclusive approach. To be successful in losing weight permanently, we believe weight loss must be approached from other angles and perspectives. We believe this can be achieved by gaining proper knowledge and material, mentally preparing yourself, and by controlling Your Fat Factor. This approach is crucial to achieving permanent weight loss. Doing so will ensure that you address all the factors that contribute to you overweight condition and the most effective ways of overcoming them.

In addition, we also want to provide you with a straight-forward, no-nonsense approach as we unlock the secrets to achieving permanent weight loss.

So, the first important factor to lose weight effectively is that you must have the proper information and knowledge about why you are overweight, why you struggle trying to lose it, and what the most effective methods are to lose weight permanently.

You must have realistic expectations, and not expect the unrealistic results claimed in magazine headlines.

You must Prepare Yourself Mentally, so that you know what to expect as your body starts to transform and shed pounds. You must also have realistic expectations so you can maintain your will power and determination to move out of your comfort zone and achieve your goal of significant and permanent weight loss. Most of us fail at losing weight permanently because we have a strong tendency to fall back into our old habits and do the exact same things that caused our overweight condition to begin with.

Additionally, your body's energy regulating system is intricate, yet usually very effective. However, foods readily available to us consist of ingredients and chemicals that interrupt your body's energy regulating system, thereby preventing effective weight loss, leading to weight gain and obesity. There are chemicals that are known to cause your body's hormones to function in a way that causes weight gain, and prevents weight loss, even if calories are reduced and activity is increased!

This is where 'Controlling your Fat Factor', your body's ability and rate at which it burns Fat for Energy, is so crucial.

So, even if you think you are doing all the right things by restricting your calories and increasing your physical activity, and you are still struggling to shed pounds, then you need the proper information, knowledge, and The Fat Factor's weight loss plan to effectively lose weight.

The next important factor is knowing what to expect when attempting to lose weight and lose it permanently. You must have realistic expectations and not the rapid weight loss expectations as indicated by so many of the headlines you read.

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