Obstacles to Achieving Weight Loss

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There are many obstacles you must overcome to achieve permanent weight loss!

However, among all other weight loss programs that exist, how many have explained the obstacles needed to overcome during the weight loss process?

There are drawbacks during this process that can prevent you from successfully losing weight permanently. This is a topic most weight loss programs do not address, which can inevitably lead to frustration and cause you to fail at losing weight. The Fat Factor  believes that "knowledge is power" and knowing what obstacles you may face will better prepare you in overcoming them to achieve the weight loss desired.

Aside from choosing the wrong weight loss program, these are a few of the "not so obvious" barriers that will derail your best intended weight loss efforts:

Difficulty accepting a realistic weight loss goal and giving up the idea of rapid weight loss.

Having unrealistic expectations or trying to lose weight by dieting will set you up for failure. The same can be said for not letting go of the idea of rapid weight loss and dieting, which is an extensive reason why weight loss plans are without success.

Not knowing what to expect when you attempt weight loss.  

Like the cravings you will experience for your favorite foods, and not knowing how to overcome or resist those cravings, will be detrimental to your weight loss efforts. Cravings are among the most powerful forces that can prevent succeeding at permanent weight loss.

Not being able to recognize the habits that cause your weight gain, and the difficulty in changing those habits. 

Recognizing and changing the ingrained habits that cause your weight gain is a true 'Secret' why so many struggle to lose weight. Changing negative habits can be a difficult thing to accomplish because, not only are habits automatic, but as human beings, we thrive on routine.

Not being able to give up the foods that cause your weight gain. 

This is often due to the addictive nature of fast foods and processed foods you consume, and the powerful cravings they cause that make it hard to resist.

Overcoming doubt that the next weight loss program will actually work. 

The majority of overweight individuals continue to fail at achieving permanent weight loss because of the doubt created by so many previous failed attempts. It is natural to have doubts after having failed on various occasions, especially when reading a program's testimonials of another persons' apparent success. Doubt can have powerful psychological effects, and when you do not truly believe a weight loss program will be effective, you unwittingly affect your chances of victory.

Not Sticking to your weight loss goal due to resistance and jealousy from family and friends. 

Resistance and jealousy can gravely undermine your weight loss efforts, prevent you from sticking to your goals, and cause your failure. Although a true friend or family member will be happy for your success, many others will be threatened by your goals and success because of their own insecurities and failures.

Those who are serious at achieving their weight loss goals invariably need a true supporter or coach to provide support and guide them through the process smoothly. Weight loss is much easier and more effective with positive reinforcement.

Being afraid to move out of your comfort zone. 


Most overweight individuals are too afraid to leave their comfort zones, even when that comfort zone is the familiarity of being overweight or obese. Change can be difficult, for every grand change brings the element of the unknown. It is instinctive to experience fear of the unknown, which can surely prevent you from attaining your goals.

Undoubtedly, there are many additional obstacles you will face when attempting permanent weight loss, but the important thing is understanding the obstacles in advance, so you are better prepared and can eliminate any unwelcome surprises that may obstruct your efforts.

Other weight loss methods simply do not define the many obstacles that you need to overcome, or how to overcome them, to  lose weight permanently.