What You will learn

To effectively lose weight permanently, you need much more information than what diet plan to follow, what foods to eat or what foods not to eat.   You must learn the critical facts about weight loss and how your daily habits cause your overweight condition, to effectively lose weight permanently.   If you do not learn what bad habits cause weight gain or what successful methods are necessary to overcome those habits, you will never lose weight effectively and permanently.

At The Fat Factor, we believe that you must be mentally prepared to overcome all of the obstacles you will face while going through the weight loss process.  In addition, preparing yourself for realistic and effective permanent weight loss, and not focusing on rapid weight loss expectations, will avoid the disappointment that you often experience with other programs who offer unrealistic, rapid, or fast weight loss promises.

Here is a summary of some of the things you will learn from The FAT Factor  for effective permanent weight loss!

With The Fat Factor, You Will Learn:

  • Honest Facts About Weight Gain & Weight Loss, For Effective Weight Loss 
  • What A Realistic Weight Loss Goal Should Be
  •  What Weight Loss Methods Do Not Work & Why
  •  What Obstacles You Will Face During The Weight Loss Process & How To Overcome Them
  • How You Became Overweight & All The Contributing Factors Influencing Your Weight Gain
  •  The Shocking Truth About Your Environment & How It Is Causing Your Weight Gain
  •  The Proper Approach to Effectively Achieve Permanent Weight Loss 
  • The Proper Information & Knowledge You Need To Lose Weight
  •  The Proper Thinking, Motivation & Inspiration Necessary to Ensure Your Success 
  • How To Control Your FAT FACTOR & All of The Things That Influence Your Weight Gain 
  • The Basics of How Your Body Functions, So You Can Avoid Mistakes that Cause Weight Gain 
  • The Many Ways To Increase Your Metabolism So You Burn Calories Even When Resting 
  • How To Decrease Your Appetite & How To Eat Less While Not Depriving Yourself 
  • The Common Traits & Bad Habits of Obese People & How These Cause Your Weight Gain 
  • How To Effectively Replace Your Bad Weight Gain Habits With Healthy Weight Loss Habits 
  • How To See Yourself , Accept Yourself & Think of Yourself Differently 
  • How To Perceive The Challenge of Losing Weight Differently 
  • How To Mentally Prepare Yourself For The Many Challenges of Losing Weight 
  • How To Remove The Psychological Barriers Preventing You From Conquering Weight Loss 
  • How To Use Powerful Visualizations & Affirmations To Accelerate  & Conquer Weight Loss 
  • Etc., And Much More!

There are many things you must learn to achieve lasting weight loss, and at the Fat Factor, we aim to provide you with all the critical factors to ensure your success!

You must address the real problems and true causes of weight gain that you struggle with, and you must have effective methods to overcoming them!